Nate Feldman, Artistic Photography | About

A Northern California native, I grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Inspired by the rich and natural beauty of the area, I learned to appreciate the outdoor world which is incorporated into my work today.  Although perfectly capable of using studio lights, flashes, backdrops, I prefer using natural light and outdoor settings.  I love taking couples, or families, and placing them in a beautiful landscape to create a composition reminiscent of Victorian paintings.  

My objective is to create expressive, thought provoking art that reflects my subjects and the natural world around us, and create an image which conveys personality and beauty. Dynamic, ever changing, yet timelessness of the natural elements create dynamic images with texture, shapes, light, reflection, shadows, and honesty that we admire.  I encourage anyone seeking photography to use natural settings.

In addition to landscape wall art, I do custom photography for my clients including engagement, weddings, boudoir, family, business, pet, realestate, and large art installations. I work closely with my clients to find the unique spirit of the person, event, location, or the concept.


Recently I was fortunate to secured a 10 acre property in Apple Hill (Pollock Pines, of El Dorado County) which has two creeks, multiple waterfalls, a mature forest, and borders 65 acres of BLM land with lots of photography potential.  On the private property I'm carefully creating settings within the forest to allow me to have available private outdoor locations within nature to create images.  I currently have a beautiful rope swing, waterfall, and creek locations available for shooting.  This location is prefect for family, maternity, nude, and engagement photos.  I just love how the shafts of light filter down through the woods.  Coming soon will be a daffodil woodland setting, an azalea garden, sunflower garden, rose garden, wildflower field, and a Japanese-style garden.  On the property I'm making a very concerted effort to use and preserve native plants to create a nature preserve-type setting while making a very enjoyable area for shooting photos.  The adjacent BLM property is a nature preserve, which has a historic pond and dock, and more woodland available for shooting photos.


If you are interested in having me help create beautiful photos for you, please contact me as early as possible -- wedding dates, especially weekends, often book far in advance. 


If you are interested in artwork for your home, please contact me directly as much of the work I have is large, hand-finished, and not suitable to sell online.  Online I do make available smaller canvas prints of my work, both in panoramic and landscape formats.  If you see a composition online, I probably will be capable of making a larger version upon request, with multiple different finish techniques.